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August 19, 2012
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Meet Tim and Dana.
A brother and sister, both in their 20's. Because of a tragic accident, their parents died a few years ago,
And they still live in the house they both grew up in. It's a huge house, with a big swimmingpool in the backyard.

"Hey, time to wake up sleepyhead!" Dana gently kicked Tim in the side. Tim was napping at the pooliside in the sun.
"Ohhh man. I really dozed off." Tim yawned. "Guess I'd better get dressed." They both went into the house, and Tim went upstrairs to get dressed.
Meanwhile, Dana waited for him downstairs in the hall, and Yelled he should hurry up.
A few minutes later, Tim came down the stairs again. "Allright already Dana, Shouting doesn't make me go faster you know." Tim winked at his sister and opened the frontdoor.
"Ladies first." Tim said and put out his hand. Dana rolling her eyes at him went outside. "Geez, what a gentleman..."
They sat down in Tims car, and he started the engine. Before taking off, He looked at his sister and asked: "You okay sis?"
Dana looked up and replied : "I'm fine...yeah. You know I always get emotional around this time of year."
It was the exact date their parents died in that horrible accident.
Trying to get his sister in a better mood, Tim drove off and began to talk about all the funny stuff they did together.
"Hey sis, remember when we were still kids, you used to chase me around and pretended you were a cat, and I was a mouse? Hahaha."
Dana smiled. "Yes, offcourse I remember. Once I've caught you I pretended to eat you, hehe. Aaah, good times." Dana looked at her brother and smiled.
"You can always make me feel better bro. I love you." "Love you to sis." Tim said while looking at Dana. "OH MY GOD! LOOK OUT TIM!" Dana screamed while pointing in front of the car.
Tim violently turned the wheel and hit the brakes, trying to avoid the tipped over truck in front of them. He almost came to a stop, but then hit the truck with the back of his car and they went off road. The car fell a few meters and plumped into a small lake. Then the car went down under....
Moments later Tim and Dana resurfaced, gasping for air. "Tim! Are you okay?!" She swam to her brother to see if he was allright. "I can't believe we managed to get out!"
"Yeah, I'm okay... I swallowed some funky tasting water though, bleh!" They swam to the side and sat down to catch their breath. Dana looked at the water and noticed it was more green-ich then blue. "This water doesn't look to healthy, you should see a doctor tomorrow...." "Yeah... tomorrow. I will." Tim sighed. "Let's just get home now, okay?" They got up and began the long walk back home. Once they got to their house, it was getting dark allready. "I'm going to take a shower, and then it's straight to bed for me." Dana said, beaten from their little adventure. "Yeah, me too. I'll take the bath upstairs, so you can shower down here sis." Tim stumbled up the stairs and went into the bathroom. Dana went into the shower on the bottom floor, and then went to bed. "Goodnight bro." She said in a loud voice. "'Night sis." She heard from the room across the hall. And she shut her eyes.

The next morning Dana woke up, around 11 AM. "It's that time already??" She got up, got dressed and and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. "Strange, usually Tim is up before me."
"Tim? You up yet?" She went to his room and knocked on the door. There was no response. "Tim? I'm coming in okay." She opened the door and peeked in. His bed was empty. "Strange. He would leave me a note if he were to go somewhere..." she walked into his room and sat down on the side of his bed. "Where is he?" Dana layed down her head on his pillow. Then her eyes started to widen. Right in front of her head, she couldn't believe it... It was her brother, only a few inches tall! Laying on the pillow! She started thinking about yesterday, and how Tim said he swallowed some of that weird looking water. Oh... My...God... "Tim... please wake up! TIM!" She yelled and gently shook him with her index finger. Tim slowly opened his eyes and look up to a giant face.... "What the..." He immediately jumped up from his pillow. "What's going on?! Why are you so big?!" Then he saw everything was big. "No.. why am I so small..." He whispered and lokked at his hands. "I...I think it has something to do with that strange water you swallowed yesterday, in that lake we crashed into..." Tim's brain was racing. Yes, it must of been that. what else could it possibly be? "What.. what sould I do sis?? I can't do anything like this! Call a doctor!" Tim screamed in panic while trying to walk across his pillow. "I'm not sure if we should call a doctor really..." Dana whispered, in an almost guilty way. "I think if anyone would find out, you'd be used as a lab experiment..." Offcourse Dana was right, and Tim collapsed onto the pillow. "We can only hope the effects are temporary I guess..." Dana said, and extended her open hand in front of him. "Come on, I'll take care of you bro."
Seeing there was nothing else to do about it, Tim stepped onto the huge hand of his sister. "Carefull now..." Said as Dana lifted him into the air. "Offcourse brother, I would never do anything to hurt you, you know that?" She stood up, and went into the kitchen again, with her shrunken brother in the palm of her hand. She gently put him down on the counter, and made herself and him breakfast. After debating this strange situation he's in for a few hours, Dana decides to go for a little swimm in the pool. "Hey, I could go for a swimm as well sis, take me with you!" "Okay, be right back bro." Dana smiled and went to her room to change into her bathing suit. As she came back she put her hand down in front of her brother again. "okay, hop up!" Tim walked onto his sisters hand again, and she carried him out next to the pool. "There, be carefull now little bro." She said, and jumped into the cool water. Tim followed her lead and dove right in as well. They used to toss a ball around while in the pool together, but that would be impossible now. " Dana swam over to Tim. "Not much we can do together now, is there?" "Fraid not, no... only thing we can do is just swimm around huh?" Then Dana thought of the time they were kids, and said: "Hey, remember when we used to play things like Pinocchio, or Jaws here in the pool?" Tim smiled and said: "Haha, yes, I do. that was always fun. Me swimming for my life with you after me...." "You trust me, don't you bro?" Dana suddenly said. "Well offcourse I do!" Tim replied. "What a silly question!" "Okay, keep that in mind bro, We're going to play again.... only this time it's going to be a bit more realistic. Now, I'll be a whale, and you just lost your boat." Dana winked and smiled at Tim as she swam away from him. "What, why would we... C'mon Dana, aren't we a bit old to play these games?" Dana said nothing and turned around. Then she began to slowly swimm towards him. With only a few meters between them, Dana suddenly opened her mouth at water level. Tim, getting a bit nerveous, started to swim backwards. "What are you doing sis??"
Dana said nothing, only winked at him while coming closer and closer to him with her huge mouth wide open. Seeing that Dana wasn't going to stop, Tim began to swim, as fast as he could, away from Dana. Dana couldn't help but laughing, looking at her shrunken brother trying to outswim her at his size. She let her bottom teeth glide underneath her brother under water. Tim looked up, and he could see her top jaw going overhead. As soon as Dana could feel her brother touch her tongue, she began to shut her jaws. She let all of the water poor out, before closing up completely. Tim was inside his sisters mouth now. Knowing he could trust her not to actually swallow him, or bite him, he played along with it. "Oh no," He shouted. "I've been eaten by a whale!" Dana could hear his muffeled shouts inside her mouth, and had to laugh. She opened her mouth again at water level, so Tim could get out. As she parted her jaws, Tim looked around him. He was laying on his big sisters huge pink tongue, surrounded by her big pearly teeth. He looked back, and she had her throat closed, to prevent him from falling in offcourse. He stood up, and walked on her tongue towards her front row of teeth. Then he felt a stream of hot air behind him. He looked back again, and saw her wide open throat. For a moment, he thought about what it would be like to fall down there, into the dark abyss..... He shivered and jumped over her teeth, into the pool again.
As Dana saw Tim hit the water again, she closed her mouth and smiled. "Hehehe, that was kind of funny." Tim smiled as well. "Yes, it kind of was! It was a bit scary at first, but once I was in there, I kind of liked it... It was pretty thrilling in there somehow." "Good to hear you liked it as well bro." Dana said. "If you weren't my brother and I didn't love you this much, I might have eaten you, hehehe." Dana teasingly said as she winked at Tim. He didn't know what to say, and just laughed nerveously. "But this got me kind of hungry actually." Dana said. "Come on." She lifted Tim out of the water and went into the house with him.

A few days passed, and Tim was starting to get used to his little form. Dana kept a continueous watch over him, except when she slept offcourse, and sometimes she went into the bathroom alone. And when she was in there, Tim could hear these sounds of his sister vomiting. Why on earth would she do that? When He asked her about it, she said: "Sorry, little brother, I can't tell you yet." What the hell kind of an answer was that?
That afternoon, Dana and Tim were tallking about what they could do. Then Dana suddenly said: "Oh, wait here, I'll be right back!" And she went to her room. A few minutes later she came out with a small box and a sowing machine. She put them on the table, and took some stuff out of the box. It were all these cloths of some kind. She began sowing and after a while she presented Tim with something for him. "Here, put this on bro." Dana smiled. It were tiny mouse ears and a small tail for him to wear. "Oh, I think I can guess where you're going with this, hehehe." Tim said as he put on the ears and tail. "Aaand this is for me!" Dana put on some cat like ears and matching tail.
She gently put Tim on the floor and got down on her hands and knees. "Now, run little mousey, run like hell, or meet your fate..." Dana said in an exited voice while licking her lips. Tim ran away from her with a huge grin on his face. Dana began chasing him around, having no trouble keeping up with him offcourse. She cornered him, blocking his escape with her two hands, and playfully purred. "You're mine now, hehehe." Dana grabbed her brother by his tail, and lifted him into the air, up to her face. She winked at Tim, and whispered, "You'll love this bro." Why would she say that? But before he could think about it, he saw His sisters lips part and moments later, found himself on her tongue once again. She closed her mouth and began moving him around. He could see nothing offcourse, but he darn well enjoyed it. Then she opened up a bit, so some light could get in there. The first thing he saw was a wide open throat right in front of him. "Wow.. carefull now sis, hehehe. Don't wanna get to carried away..." Tim gulped and slowly moved away from his sisters throat. But then Dana lifted her tongue a bit, and send Tim sliding back towards her throat. He could not stop himself from sliding, and soon found himself staring down her deep dark gullet. Tim paniced and tried grabbing her uvula. As soon as he did this, Dana's reflex to swallow kicked in. Tim felt himself being pressed down her gullet by the back of her tongue, and a few moments later he entered her stomach. "Dana?! what have you done?!" He screamed. But then her stomach cramped and he found himself being pushed back into her gullet, and moments later he lay on the floor in front of his sister. "Uhg.... what the hell Dana??" He shouted at his sister. "Hey, now you know what I've been doing all these times in the bathroom. Practicing swallowing something and bringing it back up in one piece!" Dana smiled at her brother. "How did you like it?" Tim looked at his sister with his eyes wide open. "Well uhh.. I kinda wish you told me before you actually swallowed me sis..."
Dana laughed and said: "Yeah, I could have. But then what fun would that be huh? Now you really know what it's like to be eaten."

Tim never grew back to normal size, and he spend a lot of time inside his sister. But about two years later, he became depressed. Depressed because he would always remain in this size, and because he could never get into a relationship and start a family. Dana saw this, and made him sleep next to her on her pillow, so she could keep an eye on him as much as possible. One night, Tim can't sleep at all. Thinking about himself, and his sister. If she would take care of me her entire life, she wouldn't have much of a life herself either.... Tim sighs, and rolls on his side. He looks straight at his sisters face, she's fast asleep. "I'm sorry sis, I can't live like this..." Tim stands up and walks towards her lips. They are halfway parted and there is some drool sipping out. "Goodbye good sister" He whispers and kisses her gently on her chin. He takes a deep breath, and slips in between her teeth. He makes his way to the back of her mouth, holding his hand on her tongue not to loose balance. It's geting more narrow now, so he must almost be there. There is no way to tell, since it's night time and all. He hops up onto the side of her tongue and feels around a bit. "There, I think I found a toncil!" He threw himself onto the toncil, and at that point, Dana swallowed. The gulp took him down into her esophagus, and he was heading towards her tummy. When entering her stomach, he carefully patted the walls. "It's better this way sis, and thanks for everything..." And he could finally sleep.....

The end.
Sibling vore. Willing and unwilling.

Little story I came up with.
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TheRealProtoman Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
so I wasn't hearing a no
TheRealProtoman Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, I have a better idea. It's a little far-fetched but it could work out if the rest of the story is as good as this. How about, she wakes up a as soon as she swallows him and she sees a note by him beside her head telling her what happened. She throws up hoping that he would come out and he does perfectly fine because the digestion hasn't started yet. she scoldes him (blah blah), he talk about how they'll "never have a normal life and that I'm the reason for it". They talk about it, I'll let you decide what happens next. but please don't make him die this time (or at least you think so). Instead maybe it ends after one of their vore games before she pukes him out... please use this idea your stories are amazing and this is by far my favourite.

P.S. Could we get a brief description of what they look like? I kinda pictured Tim to have brown, messy hair with one blue, one orange-red eye and Dana to be blonde with blue eyes. Thank you
TheRealProtoman Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
maybe I could make some type of fanfic of a fanfic?
marcrtr Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Ehmm, I'm a sucker for these kind of endings myself, haha. So I don't think I'm going to mess with it.

And I leave it up to the readers mind on how the characters look like. ;)
TheRealProtoman Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
pfffft fine they are your characters after all but I would like to see them used another time
TheRealProtoman Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
idk, maybe an alternate ending or something with a continuation to this story? Cause I really do find these two characters very well made and I'd hate it if they didn't appear again somewhere else
Xeitense Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was really good, would it be alright if I turned this into a vore comic?
marcrtr Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Oh sure! That'd be great! :)
franchumichero13 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
snif , snif , I cryed with this story , why did he kill him self ?
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This takes: Plot twists to a whole new level. Bravo, i say! bravo!
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